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Jjr/c H73 Gps 5G Wifi Fpv Rc Drone With 2K Camera

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features superior powerful2KCamera and all-in-one function delivering the power for smooth flight and stable hovering


Excellent companion for you.Features Functions Up/down, forward/backward, turn left/right, sideward flight, altitude hold, GPS, 5G Wifi FPV, one key takeoff/landing/return, follow me, multi-point flight, surround mode, 2K camera, 800m distance.Advanced GPS and altitude hold H73 is always under control

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It hovers precisely, moves accurately and locks onto satellite fast.Adjustable Wide-angle 2KCamera supporting shooting 2K 20fps with 8 megapixel CMOS sensor, the wide-angle lens retain the most details making your creation more inspirational, which is able to adjust within 0-90.With one key takeoff/landing/return, it 39 s more convenientto operate the drone when come across unexpected conditions, suitbeginners.Followfunction Click on the follow mode, the distance between aircraft and the current location of the controller cell phone or IPAD is benchmark, where the controller move, where the aircraft fly.Multi-point flight click on any pointonAPP interface, it

State-of-the-art GPS system makes the H73completely aware of its location and relation to you

The 5G WIFI real-time transmission distance reaches to 200-400m.Set a specific building or position as your point of interest, your aircraft will continuously circle clockwise around the preset point.Any problem, please contact us without hesitation