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Tot-Lok Lock Mechanism

USD 5.99

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The Tot-Lok is a must-have peace-of-mind accessory for any parent or grandparent


Note Magnetic Key 63172, sold separately is required for operation.

Made of hard white plastic

The lock will install on thicknesses from 1/2 13 mm to 1-9/16 40 mm and operate through wood, glass, metal and particleboard

Also features self-adjusting magnetic pin for varying door thicknesses

Features Locking mechanism includes latch to mount on door and catch to mount in cabinet

The Tot-Lock also features a patented unlocking device that allows a disabling of the lock so cabinets can be opened without the key

This security device is one of a kind, with powerful magnetic locks that can attach to wood, glass, metal and particleboard cabinets to provide a guaranteed safeguard from curious little hands

To open the cabinet, simply hold the magnetic key 63172, sold separately against the cabinet door to disengage the lock