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Dwyer Wrbt-A-C-03-10, Wrbt Multi-Jet Water Meter

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Dwyer Instruments, WRBT-A-C-03-10, Series WRBT Multi-jet Water Meter with Removable Bottom, 3/4" SL The Removable Bottom Multi-jet Water Meters are a series of mechanical, water totalizing meters that display the total water usage in gallons with m3 options


Features Removable bottom allows for easy entry for cleaning Multi-jet design allows for simplicity and accuracy with wide flow ranges, even in low flow applications Magnetically driven, hermetically sealed register does not leak or fog and is completely separated from the water Designed for long service life and maintenance-free operation Integral strainer that protects meter from particulate damage Easy installation with included coupling adapters Pulsed output proportional to flow allows for remote flow totalization Applications Agricultural Irrigation HVAC applications Measuring total condenser water flow in residential, commercial and industrial applications

The ECO BRASS reg body incorporates a removable section that easily disassembles for easy cleaning of any collected debris that may collect in the system while maintaining its performance