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Chicago-Latrobe 52826, 559-Ta Hd Cobalt Screw Machine Drill, 13/32"

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Chicago-Latrobe, 52826, 559-TA, Heavy-Duty Cobalt Screw Machine Drill, TiAlN-Coated, 13/32" Features: Heavy-duty geometry for drilling tougher materials by hand ormachine Shorter flute and overall length provide superior rigidity to minimize deflection when using heavy feed rates 135° P3 split point is self-centeringfor reduced thrust and easierpenetration


Sizes under .0625 quot donot have split points

Titanium aluminum nitride TiAlN PVD coating combines the ability to work in high temperatures with added hardness to increase drill life Application Tool steel - TiAlN Alloy steel - TiAlN Carbon steel - TiAlN Cast iron - TiAlN