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Precision Medical 8Mfa2008, 8Mfa Series Flowmeter, Air, 15 Lpm

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Precision Medical, 8MFA2008, 8MFA Series Flowmeter, Air, 15 LPM, 50 PSI, Puritan-Bennett Features: Lightweight & Durable - The polycarbonate housing extends over the lightweight aluminum body providing superior durability


Accurate - Flowmeters use black glass flow indicator balls

Compact - The contemporary design results in a smaller unit that fits more easily into space-cramped wall rails

Easy to Read - The state-of-the-art housing incorporates a white background that makes the flow settings easier to read

The housing is impervious to chemical solutions normally used in a clinical setting

The properties of black glass, superior sphericity and exceptionally uniform density, ensure that the flowmeter is more accurate than flowmeters utilizing plastic floats.

Unlike side-mounted knobs which are susceptible to damage, the flow control knobs are on the front of the flowmeter in clear sight of the operator