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Glamour Witch Incantasia Costume

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Haggard witch? Please! As a spellcaster, you’ve been battling against ancient and archaic stereotypes for centuries


Add a broom, some hot heels, and you ll enchant every mortal in the room and you won t even need a spell to do it

It also features wide hanging sleeves and a purple tricot sash sewn to the waist and fastened at the center front of the dress with a silver-tone metal buckle set with rhinestones! It also comes with your signature accessory, a cone-shaped black polyfoam hat with metallic silver edging and purple tricot band with rhinestone buckle

On one hand, you get it - when you re part of a profession cloaked in so much mystery and magic, people are gonna make their own assumptions! But it s admittedly pretty annoying when everyone who doesn t even know your life wants to put you in a box especially when that box is full of backwards ideas that all witches are old ugly hags! Rude! But we know the truth, and if we can lay it down, Diane Sawyer style, the facts are that you don t spend centuries composing incantations and studying up on spells without learning